I wanted to find a local vendor to purchase magnetic car signs. I was able to order online very simple and easy. Two days later I picked up the magnetic car signs at the showroom. The gentleman inside was very helpful and wasted no time in getting the signs for me. I was in and out in less than 5 mins. I am very pleased with the final product and i will order from them again.

I needed new signs (unfortunately, the signs I ordered not long ago and spent a fortune on are rusting!)...so I wanted the PVC signs and you had them!  I also saw how you had RE/MAX signs on your page, and your prices looked great!  

I will be sure to share your company info with other Realtors in my area.

I'm excited to start using my new signs!  I was with Coldwell Banker in the past, and they used the PVC signs & I never had a problem with them bending, rusting, etc....  It's hard to find a sign company that uses the PVC.  Most use Coroplast, Steel or Aluminum (which bend if your sign post installers fling them around....LOL)

I placed my order on a Tuesday evening. By Thursday evening my order was complete, and ready for pick up! Fast service and a great product! Tamara was a pleasure to converse with!!

Eastmoor Academy High School Deluxe Graduation Banner

oh yes I plan on writing a review because you have been awesome and the quality of the banner is amazing!!

Thanks again for all your assistance! We will be ordering my nephews banner for next year and my nieces banner the following year :-)

Warm Regards

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Cari Hill Chandler‎ to Custom Sign Center

Amazing customer service. They kept me up to date on my banner and even changed something I messed up once I submitted it. Great business!