All of our Real Estate frames are robotically welded on site for quality construction. Made of 3/4" angle iron with 3/4" cross bars. No parts to break or lose. Weighing in at around ten (10) pounds. Your PVC panels and riders will slide snugly in to their appropriate slots.

We also offer our Spider and H-Stakes for our coroplast yard signs. A great value at only $2.75/ea. Spider stakes are made of high density recycled plastic and H-stakes of rugged 9 gauge steel wire, zinc plated and stand about 30" tall. 

30" x 24" w/ Top & Bottom Rider (6" X 24")

Metal Real Estate Sign Frame holds 24"-wide Main Panel and 2 ( Top & Bottom) Rider Signs. 

18" X 24" Two Sided A-Frame

Metal Real Estate Sign Frame holds two 18"-high x 24"-wide Main Panel 

12" x 18" Directional Stand

Metal Real Estate Sign Frame holds two 12"-high x 18"-wide Panel 

Yard Sign Stakes

Yard Sign and Real Estate Lightweight Stakes.